Justin Morgan Historical Marker.

It took fourteen long years but we finally found the exact location that Justin Morgan had settled at when he and his family came to Randolph Vermont. The search required us to come in contact with many people who thought that they had know the location. These different locations had to be dis proven in order for us to confirm the spot we thought was the location and the successes and the failure of trying to confirm these location became and emotional journey.

When you read hundreds of documents at libraries, on micro film, on the internet, at historical museums, and in town clerks offices, you get so that you almost know these people. You understand their way of life and why they did what they did. It was a very different world two hundred and thirty two years ago. It was a simple life but harsh. You worked to provide for yourself in harsh elements or you didn’t survive. Yet if you were down and out, neighbors would step in to help.

I could talk for hours about Justin Morgan, Judge Frederick Griswold, Joseph Griswold, Henry Walbridge, the Carpenter family and the Edgertons to name just a few of those who were involved with Morgan in his lifetime. Then there were the people who I have the pleasure to meet in doing my search, like Mr. Fish, Mim Herwig, Eaton Snow, Neil Rinehart, Robert Brinck, the Paranormal group and Brian Garvey to name just a few.

The story is an interesting one and you can read about it in my new book named “Justin Morgan And The Morgan Horse, Living On The Town Line”. You can purchase the book at https://www.justinmorgan1.com

The will be an unveiling of a Vermont Historical Marker at his home site location on August 30th, 2020 and you can read more about it at www.morganhomesite.com

Stay Safe and if you have any question, please email me at denlore3@denlore.com

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