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Coming Together

It seems that horse people like to put other horse people in a certain class. For example people may associate Denny Emerson as a Warmblood person and knowing Denny he does indeed love a good Warmblood however he loves and owns a Morgan Horse as well. The same goes for myself. Many people consider me to be a Lippitt Morgan person butlsc15(617) my Morgan stallion, Denlores Desert Storm is not a Lippitt Morgan. I have owned Lippitt horses and I have supported the Lippitt Morgan but the fact of the matter is that I just love a good horse! I love to watch a wonderful dressage horse yet I can get excited watching a nice Saddlebred racking down the rail. We collect all breeds of stallions at our farm from Morgans to Icelandics and they all have their good points as well as bad.

If I was a rich person I would own some of all the breeds including a nice Frisian but I’m not, so my preference is to raise Morgan Horses.

The thing that made me select the Morgan Horse is that you can do anything with a Morgan. From Saddle seat, hunt seat, western, cutting and reining, dressage or carriage, Morgans can do it all. It’s the complete package that I fell in love with. Besides versatile, the Morgan Horse is pretty, loving, great with children and it has a deep American history that goes back two hundred and thirty years.

So would you consider me a Morgan person? No, I am a horse person and that’s the way we all need to think and treat anyone and everyone who is in the equine industry. This separation between breeds or disciplines has to come to a stop and we need to all come together and support everything. Fifteen years ago the equine industry was flourishing because the economy was great. Gas was low and people had extra money but today many people have drifted away from horses because they cannot afford horse ownership. To add to the problem people have become lazy. Most people today, especially young people would rather play video games or text on their cell phone than ride a horse. I mean horses are work. They must be fed and their stalls need to be cleaned not to mention grooming or other things that go along with horse ownership. If you plan on competing with your horse you now must become dedicated to working your horse just as any athlete must work. It takes time, it takes commitment where as video games take none of that and is actually fun as well.

This all means that there are fewer of us supporting the equine industry and those who are still into horses are the people who are really into horses. This is why we all need to stick together and support one another. God bless the horse.